Who We Are


Leano Hair and Beauty salon has placed itself to become a major leader in the hair and beauty industry within the Sebokeng region.


Since our humble beginnings we have amassed a wealth of knowledge and practical skills through determination and focus and by prescribing to our strategic plan; we have built experience and skills through deploying professionals operating with passion and tenacity to uphold the highest beauty standards.

At Leano hair and Beauty we believe that the business of our clients and network partners is our business and thus we operate in accordance with that belief.


Through our concerted efforts we have been able to develop a unique solution to tackle the complexities of the industry operating in an ever changing market environment, and as the new economic dispensation calls for transformation in the key areas of (human resources, innovation and enterprise development). Leano hair and beauty salon has responded positively to these key areas of Black Economic Empowerment








Beauty Driven

Efficiency in delivery

Training and Development





  • To establish a quantitative market share and credibility
  • To honor commitments to clients and to strive for customer satisfaction 
  • To maintain the highest level of competency and ethical standards in our operations
  • To supply leading products and services in conformance to the clients requirements
  • To accomplish and sustain high business growth through superior service delivery
  • To develop our staff, business and network partners to the highest competency levels whilst promoting sustainability


What We Do


We are committed to a service offering that is customer centered and focused. We subscribe to the principles of continuous improvement with regard to service delivery. It is the nature of our business to remain "creative" and "innovative" because our business philosophy and model is cooperative as opposed to competitive


Hair and beauty salon services offered



  • Razor Cut
  • Dreadlocks
  • Hair Treatments
  • Braiding and plaiting
  • Moropotsi & Brazillian Hair
  • Relaxing, bonding, weaving, soft dread


Manicure and Pedicure


  • Pearl Tips
  • Colour Tips
  • French Tips
  • Natural Tips
  • Nail Repair, Decoration, Refill


At Leano Hair Beauty and Salon we aim to ensure that all African beauty is nourished and allowed to flourish